Mobile Section Home Page

This is the Home page of the mobile section of the sample Corporate Site. Users coming to the website from mobile devices are redirected here by the Mobile redirection web part placed on the main Home page. The content displayed below is gathered from the main Home page. As a result, any changes made in the editable regions on the main Home page are relflected here as well.

Welcome to the sample Corporate Site

If you are new to Kentico, please read the following information before you start exploring the website:

Default user name and password

You can sign in to the system's administration interface using the link in the header of the page or by going to the following address:


On the logon page that appears, use the following default credentials:

User name: administrator
Password: leave the password blank

Where to learn more?

If you are new to Kentico or if you are looking for further information about the system, you can refer to the following information sources:

Kentico DevNet
On-line portal for Kentico developers, providing news, blogs, discussion forums, knowledge base, FAQs, videos and many more.

Kentico Documentation
Full documentation of the system available on-line.

Examples section
The Examples section of this website contains live examples of Kentico web parts and a sample home page customizable by individual users using widgets.

API examples
The API examples interface allows you to view and execute code samples that utilize the Kentico API.