MVC news detail

This is a sample for the page rendered by MVC Razor view engine. It displays the news detail. The detail is provided by the News controller and the ~/Views/CorporateSite/News/Detail.cshtml view and routed through MVC URL pattern /NewsMVC/{alias} added as document alias to the same document as the main document. This way, there is no need to provide separate documents for detail view.

Company Growth Exceeds Expectations

Annual growth of 256% was reported by our financial department, exceeding all our plans and expectations. We would like to express sincere thanks to all our customers. It is a pleasure for us to provide you with top-grade products and services and we promise that your trust in our company will not be let down. We promise that we will not get greedy and invest the money we made into improvements of all imaginable aspects of our business. Thank you once again and please keep up your loyalty, we ensure you that it will be continuously rewarded as your satisfaction is our primary goal.

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