MVC news detail

This is a sample for the page rendered by MVC Razor view engine. It displays the news detail. The detail is provided by the News controller and the ~/Views/CorporateSite/News/Detail.cshtml view and routed through MVC URL pattern /NewsMVC/{alias} added as document alias to the same document as the main document. This way, there is no need to provide separate documents for detail view.

Community Website Section

The community section consists of four separate sub-sections. The Forums let you discuss various topics, closely or remotely related to our company's activities. In Blogs, you can read personal blogs of our employees and comment on the thoughts and ideas expressed in them. The Events sub-section lets you know about events that our company organizes, while registration for the events is possible too. Finally, the Wiki is a place where valuable information is provided to you, being a great source of information on various topics.

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