MVC news detail

This is a sample for the page rendered by MVC Razor view engine. It displays the news detail. The detail is provided by the News controller and the ~/Views/CorporateSite/News/Detail.cshtml view and routed through MVC URL pattern /NewsMVC/{alias} added as document alias to the same document as the main document. This way, there is no need to provide separate documents for detail view.

Apple iPad 2 In Stock

Tablets are undoubtedly the biggest recent trend in IT equipment. Similarly as with smartphones, Apple were the ones to introduce this type of hardware and the first generation of iPad was a real success. In the near past, there has simply not been anything trendier and more must-have than the iPad! Now while all other manufacturers are trying to keep up with the original model, Apple are setting a new standard with the new generation. iPad 2 is lighter, thinner, more powerful and more trendy than ever before. Go stylish, get the original, get the Apple iPad 2 right now!

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