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Use the following web parts to build the document wizard's interface and set up the step logic:

Document wizard manager

Defines the wizard steps and ensures the overall logic of the document wizard. The wizard loads the steps from the child documents under the document containing the manager web part. You can specify which of the child documents are included as steps.

You also need to place the Page placeholder web part onto the page containing the manager, and set up page nesting for the step documents.

Document wizard navigation

Displays a navigation menu containing all steps in the document wizard. The navigation highlights the current step and allows users to move between steps. You can use transformations to change the default appearance.

Depending on the settings of the Document wizard manager (Restrict step order), users can either go to any step in the wizard, or only the steps through which they have already passed.

Document wizard button

Displays a button that allows users to move to the next or previous step in the wizard.

Document wizard step action

Performs automatic transitions between steps based on a dynamic macro condition. Place the web part onto the document representing the step where you want the transition to occur.

Allows you to:

  • Skip steps (according to the direction the user is moving in the wizard

  • Move users to the next step

  • Move users to the previous step