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MVT Test

This is a sample page where multivariate testing is used to evaluate the button in the area below to find out which background color gets the best results.

To try out the example, first make sure that Multivariate testing is enabled in Settings -> On-line marketing. In order for conversions to be logged, it is also necessary to have the Enable web analytics and Track conversions settings checked in Settings -> On-line marketing -> Web analytics.

When all required settings are enabled, switch to the Design tab of this document. There you can see that the editable text web part in the bottom zone has three different variants. You can switch between individual variants using the slider in the web part's header and the color of the button changes according to the content specified for each variant.

Also notice the panel at the top of the page while on the Page or Design tab. It shows which variant combination is currently being viewed and can be used to rename or enable/disable individual combinations. In this example, each variant is its own "combination", since there is only one variable web part on the page.

The page's MVT test is configured on the Analytics -> MVT tests tab of this document. Edit the Sample MVT test and enable it.

You can then try viewing the page on the live site. One of the three possible variants of the button will be randomly selected and displayed. Click the Download here link, and a conversion will be logged for the given combination.

To generate a wider range of testing data, try accessing the page using different browsers or from multiple machines (you can simulate this by clearing your cookies between views).

To view the measured results, edit the test again in Analytics -> MVT tests and open the Reports tab. You can manage all tests in the system through the MVT tests application.


Download here