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A/B test - Original Page

To try out the example, first make sure that A/B testing is enabled in Settings -> On-line marketing. In order for conversions to be logged, you also need to have Enable web analytics and Track conversions checked in the Web analytics sub-category of the settings.

The page's A/B test is configured on the Analytics -> A/B tests tab of this document. Edit the Sample AB test and enable it. Also notice the content of the test's Variants tab, which defines all pages that will be included as possible variants.

You can then try viewing this page on the live site. One of the two variants will be displayed. Click the Download here link, and a conversion will be logged for the given variant.

To generate a wider range of testing data, try accessing the page using different browsers or from multiple machines (you can simulate this by clearing your cookies between views).

To view the measured results, edit the test again in Analytics -> A/B tests. You can manage all tests in the system through the A/B tests application.


This is the original page with text on the left side and a download link on the right. The goal is to find which variant encourages more users to click the link.


Download here