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Content personalization

This is a sample personalized page that displays different content in its bottom zone depending on the type of the current user.

Before working with this example, please make sure that Content personalization is enabled in Settings -> On-line marketing.

If you open the Design tab of this document, you can see that the second web part zone has two personalization variants defined. Within the Pages application of the administration interface, you can switch between variants (and the original). On the live site, the system displays the appropriate content according to the conditions of the variants.

The personalization settings of a variant can be accessed by double clicking the zone header. In this dialog, select the Variant properties tab, where you can configure the behaviour of the given variant, most importantly its Display condition.

To try out how the personalization works, view the page on the live site as a public user and you will see a logon form. If you log in as a registered user, the page shows a list of articles from the website. If the current user is also an editor (i.e. has access to the administration interface), the zone instead contains a list of all users that are currenly on-line.

Personalization variant for Public user