MVC news detail

This is a sample for the page rendered by MVC Razor view engine. It displays the news detail. The detail is provided by the News controller and the ~/Views/CorporateSite/News/Detail.cshtml view and routed through MVC URL pattern /NewsMVC/{alias} added as document alias to the same document as the main document. This way, there is no need to provide separate documents for detail view.

New Consulting Services

We are proud to announce that the range of services we provide was extended by web development consulting. These services will be provided by highly skilled and experienced employees coming from our web development team. With extensive professional background and hundreds of successful projects in their portfolio, our consultants are here to provide valuable advice on your running or forthcoming web development projects. No matter how complicated your projects are or how tight are the upcoming deadlines, you can be sure that we will help you turn any project into clear success.

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