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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in the middle of Europe. Rather than as a country in the middle of Europe, we should speak of the Czech Republic as a country in the heart of Europe – after all, the heart is not to be found precisely in the center of the human body either.

The Czech Republic is located in the Northern Hemisphere, approximately in the middle of the European Continent. Its neighboring states are Germany (to the west), Poland (to the north), Slovakia (to the east, which together with the Czech Republic constituted Czechoslovakia until 1992) and Austria (to the south).

With a total area of almost 79,000 square kilometers, the Czech Republic is a midsize European country. Its size is comparable to Austria or Ireland and would it fit inside France seven times. The country could fit 122 times within the area of the United States.
Waters and mountains are the dominant elements that constitute the uniqueness and variety of the Czech Republic's terrain. Mountain ranges surround the country on almost all sides and have served as a natural border in the past. Some of Europe's largest rivers, e. g. the Elbe (Labe), have their origins in the Czech Republic.